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About us

TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company – Specializes in importing and distributing high quality plastic equipment and machinery.

In the context of the rapid development of the plastic industry, the use of modern equipment and machines has become a necessary requirement to increase productivity and production efficiency. Therefore, TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company has decided to focus on providing equipment and machinery for the plastic industry, in order to meet the increasing demand for high quality products and services. .

With a vision of sustainable development, commitment to bring absolute satisfaction to customers, we have determined to become a leading reliable partner in the field of supplying equipment and machinery for the plastic industry. . To achieve this goal, we have invested in the most modern and advanced equipment and are always up to date with the latest technology in the plastics industry.

TDL provides a wide range of machinery products, including: Gravure printing machines, yarn machines, textile machines, PE laminating machines, plastic granulators and many others. In addition to the above-mentioned machines, we also supply plastic beads, textile fibers and fabrics for packaging enterprises. The products and machines we supply are all imported to meet international standards, assembled by a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians.

TDL’s customers are enterprises in the field of plastic production, plastic packaging and related products. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products at the most reasonable prices. Besides, we also provide after-sales service, maintenance and repair of machines to ensure continuous and efficient operation for customers.

With the spirit of professional work, enthusiasm, relentless efforts in research and development of advanced products, we are committed to bringing customers absolute satisfaction with the best sales policy . TDL always respects and listens to customer feedback to improve and perfect its products and services.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to supply plastic equipment and machinery, please contact us:

TDL . Trading and Production Joint Stock Company

Luong Hoi village, Luong Bang town, Kim Dong district, Hung Yen province

Phone: 0382.122.822