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To: Valued partners

First, TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company would like to send our valued partners warmest greetings, good luck and success.

TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as TDL Company) is a company specializing in the import and distribution of high quality plastic equipment and machinery as well as investment cooperation in the production of plastic products, packaging products. In the context of the rapid development of the plastic industry in general and the plastic packaging industry in particular, the investment in new production plants and the procurement of more modern technologically-changing equipment and machines has become a great demand to increase productivity and production efficiency. Therefore, TDL Company has decided to focus on supplying equipment and machinery for the plastic industry, in order to meet the increasing demand for high quality products and services. With a vision of sustainable development and a development goal to become a leading company in the field of supplying equipment, machinery and materials for the plastic industry, we always want to bring success to all partners. . Because we think that the success of our partners will be our own success.

TDL Company is a strategic partner and representative of brands that produce high-quality plastic machinery and equipment, including: Gravure printing machines, yarn machines, textile machines, PE laminating machines,plastic granulators and many other products. In addition to the above machines, we also supply PP plastic granules for packaging manufacturing businesses. The products and machinery we supply are all imported to meet international standards, assembled by a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians in countries with the most advanced industries in the world like China, Germany, Russia, USA, etc.

In addition to providing machinery, equipment and plastic beads, we are currently having opportunities to cooperate in implementing investment projects to produce high-class, environmentally friendly plastic packaging products, which are widely accepted by many customers, countries in many continents around the world. This includes typical projects:

+ Project of a factory to produce export bags in Kim Dong Industrial Park, Hung Yen province with a total investment of more than VND 1,386 billion with the task of specializing in manufacturing export supermarket bags and export PP non-woven thermal collage bags from self-degradable PP plastic beads which is highly environmentally friendly.

+ Project of a factory to produce Jumbo bags and supermarket bags for export in Bim Son Industrial Park, Thanh Hoa province with a total investment of nearly 1,200 billion VND with the task of producing large bags (Jumbo bags) and bags used in supermarkets, exported to Europe, America, Asia, etc.

With the spirit of professional work, enthusiasm, relentless efforts in researching and developing advanced product lines, we are committed to bringing customers absolute satisfaction with best investment policies.

Through this, TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company would like to send an invitation to cooperate with our partners who are Organizations, Enterprises and Individuals who are interested and want to cooperate with us to jointly implement the projects. Investment activities of the Company

We propose to our partners 2 forms of cooperation including:

1. The first form of cooperation : Capital contribution investment, share purchase, purchase of contributed capital

This is a popular form of investment in Vietnam, whereby partners contribute capital or buy shares of our Company. At that time, the partner will become a capital contributing member, recorded in the register of shareholders of TDL Company. Profits earned from the investment, production and business activities of TDL Company will be divided according to the proportion of ownership equivalent to the capital contribution of the Shareholders and investors participating in capital contribution. Participating in this form of investment, you will be able to participate and update the investment situation of the Company, which is investment, trading … (here is TDL Company)

2. The second form of cooperation: Investment under the BCC investment cooperation contract

When participating in this form of investment, our partners and TDL Company will sign a Business cooperation contract. Accordingly, profits from investment activities will be divided according to the proportion of capital corresponding to the amount of capital that the parties involved in the investment cooperation contract mentioned above.

Above are two investment cooperation methods that TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company proposes to its partners to consider and choose to participate.

All information and feedback from our partners should be recorded at the following address:

TDL Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company

Head office address: Luong Hoi village, Luong Bang town, Kim Dong district, Hung Yen province, Vietnam

Representative is Mr. Tran Van Thanh, position: Director

Phone: 0382122822 Fax: ……………………

Email:       Web:

Thank you very much!



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