Flexo Printing Machine FCI 500


The Flexo FCI 500 printer is one of the high-speed inkjet printing devices known for its efficient printing capabilities and is highly regarded in the printing industry at present. It is suitable for various materials and different types of printed products such as BOPP, PET, PVC paper, and more.




Structure Innovations

SDDC unwinder & rewinder, integrated disc type rotary frame, with precision safety chuck. High-strength synchronous belt driving digital control and high-accuracy servo driving, no tension fluctuation during splicing.

Web roll diameter auto recognition, millimeter-grade accuracy, splicing loss can be controlled within 2m, linear cutting knife, gap winding structure. One knife for two-direction cutting.

Double tension control system, big tension control and small tension control, suitable for a large tension range. DTS control system linked with the main screen, with one-key action menu memory function.

3D digital analog gantry structure light detection installation platform, wallboard coupled, a WT mandrel mechanism, TA positioning, fixed torque anti-loosening fixed plate roller, and anilox roller.

Servo motor motion control direct drive plate cylinder. The deflection equation measures the installation and positioning of the mandrel to ensure correct operation.

HTTP-control temperature control technology, save energy over 60%, 3D nozzle structure of hot air variable section wind box for the printing unit, uniform wind speed, sufficient air volume, and consistent temperature.


TDL – A reputable provider of high-quality FCI 500 flexo printing machines in Vietnam.

TDL is a leading provider of high-quality printing machinery for the plastic industry. Our goal is to deliver optimal printing solutions that meet high standards of quality and performance for our customers.

TDL is committed to supplying customers with high-quality printing machines and excellent support services. Our experienced technical team is ready to assist customers throughout the installation, operation, and maintenance of the printing machines.

TDL offers a diverse range of flexo printing machines suitable for various business purposes. Our machinery and equipment meet international import standards and are assembled by highly skilled technicians from advanced industrial countries such as China, Germany, Russia, and the United States.

Contact us today for consultation and selection of printing machinery and equipment that best suit your needs and business.

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